Sunday | January 22, 2017



Homecoming 2016-2017 with Melhim Zein

On September 29th 2016, Student Activities Department at Beirut Arab University will host its yearly Homecoming Event ‘BAU IN Battle’ for the...

Lectures 2015-2016 Mastering your job interview

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Lectures 2015-2016 Self Esteem

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Blood Donation Day 2015-2016

For the fourth year in a row, the Student Activities Department, in cooperation with...


Music Club

Music Club 2015-2016 East and West

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Folk Dance

Folk Dance Club 2015-2016 Te3la W Tet3ammar Ya Dar

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Drama Club, featured posts

Drama Club 2015-2016 Alb El Balad

Within the series of diverse activities organized by the Student Activities Department at Beirut...
Drama Club

Drama Club 2014-2015 All Set LAU International University Theater Festival 17

The Drama Club presented its play “Mahlouleh“ on Sunday 14/06/2015 at Irwin Theater during the...



Muay Thai

Muay Thai 2015-2016 17th Universities Championship

BAU Muay Thai team leaded by coach Marwan Haidar participated in the Muai Thai...
sports events

School Basketball Tournament 2015-2016

BAU’s School Basketball Tournament was concluded on Tuesday 10/5/2016. The final match came in...
Handball Men

Handball Men 2015-2016 FSUL R1 BAU Vs LIU

BAU Men’s Handball Team – Beirut Campus won over LIU with a score of...
Archery Club

Archery Faculties Tournament 2015-2016

Student Activities Department – Beirut Campus organized Archery Faculties Tournament 2015-2016 led by Coach...