Within the series of diverse activities organized by the Student Activities Department at Beirut Arab University, the Drama Club presented its “Alb El Balad” play under the auspices of the University President Professor Amr Galal El Adawi. The play was presented within the Eighth University Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture at the UNESCO Palace on Friday 22/4/2016 and in Jamal Abdul Nasser Hall at Beirut Arab University on Tuesday and Friday 4-5/5/2016

The events of the play take place at one of the 1950s modest hotels. One of the hotel guests who range between scholars and figures of culture, media and arts is murdered. Things get worse with the arrival of Abou Shafik, the opportunist non-professional detective as the investigation conducted is based on the struggle among those who call themselves the elite. The play and the investigation come out with a surprise ending which shows the collapse of every detail of our life which resembles that humble and ramshackle hotel.

In addition to the actor Wissam Sabbagh, the cast of characters also includes students Mohammad Darwish, Maya Shamsi Basha, Rashel Rashid, Rima Shehade, Ahmad Hamesh, Nourhan Ghizzawi, Zeina Hayek, Soulave El Juaid, Farah Jawad, Lilian Shmeit, Omar Al Daouk, and Abdel Ghani Slaii. The crew consists of the lighting technician Youssef Hamza, Sound technician Hassan Khalil, Scenic designers Hassan Al Samawi and Noura Berjawi, Special makeup and hair artist Maysoun Hilal, makeup artist Reem Lawand, Ad designer Nader Hassan, Stage director Nader Darwish, author Mohammad Al Saoudi and Director Hassan Al Masri.

In recognition of his great career, Salah Tizani, the well-known actor (Abou Salim) was granted BAU’s honorary shield by the Director of the Student Activities Department Ms. Nadine Abla after the first show in Jamal Abdul nasser Hall.

brochure Alb el balad

Wissam Sabbagh-01Mohammad Darwish-01Maya Shamsi Basha-01Rachel Racheed-01Rima Chehadeh-01Ahmad Hamesh-01Nourhan Ghezzawi-01Zeina Hayek-01Soulave Jouaid-01Farah Jawad-01Lilian Shmeit-01Omar Daouk-01Abdul Ghani Slaii-01