Student Activities Department – Beirut Campus organized Archery Faculties Tournament 2015-16 led by Coach Ziad Mansour held on Thursday 7/4/2016 with the participation of the following faculties: Arts, Business Administration, Medicine, Engineering and Health Sciences, where the faculty of Medicine took the first place. And the results were as listed below:

  Archery Faculties Tournament 2015-16
Place Terms of Male individuals Terms of Female individuals terms of teams
1st Place Wael Kolaylat (Faculty of Medicine) Dana Kanafani (Faculty of Medicine) Faculty of Medicine (Wael Kolaylat, Ayman Osta)
2nd Place Ayman Osta (Faculty of Medicine) Zeinab AL Sharif (Faculty of Health Sciences) Faculty of Business Administration (Wassim Haddad, Yehia Haikal)
3rd Place Wassim Haddad (Faculty of Business Administration) Kawthar Nouh (Faculty of Health Sciences) Faculty of Health Sciences (Zeinab AL Sharif, Kawthar Noah)