The Drama Club presented its play “Out of Context“ on Friday 20/06/2014 at Irwin Theater during the International University Theater Festival organized by the Lebanese American University. “Out of Context” is about a bunch of actors rehearsing Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliette” following the elite standards and the usual scenario. However, the crew faced some obstacles during rehearsals related to the implementation of the play details especially when Romeo and Juliette, personally, together with the team members and the audience, were to be adapted and adjusted according to the control and inspection bodies not according to Shakespeare’s standards, art and international theater. The actors who participated in the play were Marwan Al Masri, Batoul Abou Al Ardat, Mohammad Darwich, Rima Chehade, Bilal Youssef, Rayan Al Alti, and Omar Daouk. The play was written by Mohammad Al Saudi and directed by Hasan Al Masri.