The Drama Club presented its play “Mahlouleh“ on Sunday 14/06/2015 at Irwin Theater during the 17th International University Theater Festival organized by the Lebanese American University. “Mahlouleh” depicts real life by portraying its harsh reality and invites people to face any difficulties inside their country away from migration. Wissam receives an offer from the Lebanese producer, Murad, who runs a channel in London. However, his family members, driven by their logical reasons, try hard to block this offer by any means possible. His wife is looking for fame as a TV and cinema star and is not inclined to give up her dream and leave to the City of Fog. Wissam’s mother cannot find any rational excuse to leave Lebanon, especially after her sister Fadwa, who newly returned from Australia, persuades her that Lebanon is a piece of heaven on earth. Jad, the son, rejects the idea of traveling without any second thoughts.
The actors who participated in the play were Omar Daouk, Mohammad Darwish, Rima Shehadeh, Mustafa Al Halabi, Ahmad Shehadeh and Sulaf Al Juaid, as well as Drama Club alumni Rania Hamandi, Farah Slayi and Rayan Al Alti. The play was written by Claudia Marshalian, directed by Hassan Al Masri and supervised by Wissam Sabbagh.