LAU Women’s Futsal Team – Jbeil Campus won at Home over BAU – Beirut Campus with a score of 4-0, in the federation universities of sports in Lebanon League FSUL 2015-16, which was held on Tuesday 16/02/2016 at 7:00 PM at Emile Lahoud Court.
Coach Reem AL Shami’s team formation for the match included Joumana Kamal, Malak Majed, Yasmin Hassaniye, Ghinwa Riham, Layal Abdul Malek, Lina Ghandour, Khadija Kramli, Hanaa Brashed, Layal Sabra, Iman Morad, Jana Abou Saleh, Nour Akoush, Bahia Ghandiour, Dana Soboh in addition to Zainab Tawil who starred in the game.