Student Activities Department was glad to host Razan El Moghrabi and seven stars of Star Academy are Mira Mikhael, Maya Nehme, Tina Yamout, Jessica Najim, Mohammad Bash, Mohammed Daqduq, Gilbert Simon to revive the Yearly Homecoming Event.

The main purpose was to introduce new & current students to the different aspects of activities held by the department.

The University’s Stadium was packed with thousands of students that participated in this ceremony. It was also attended by the University’s President Dr. Amr Jalal Al Adawi, and Vice President Professor Dr. Hanafi Hillel and the Deans and the Secretary-General Mr. Issam Houry and university managers and faculty members.

The university president said in his speech that, “The university is not limited to only studying, but is a crossing bridge for meeting new people, and discovery that develops one’s character and prepares them to launch in the community.” He also announced that, “All the faculties in the university are on the path to international accreditation, which will open new horizons for graduating students and there will be many opportunities and facilitate the recruitment process later in Lebanon and abroad.”

In addition to the songs that entertained the audience, the Homecoming program distinguished with the comedian Joanna Karki known as “Um Khalid El Sikari,” where she welcomed the students in her own comic way.

The Concert was presented by the interviewer Razan El Moghrabi that concluded the event by offering students prizes for participating by the sponsoring companies.