The Student Activities Department organized a homecoming event for the new students celebrating the beginning of the new academic year 2013-14. The event was held on Wednesday 09/10/2013 in Beirut Campus with the participation of deans, academic staff, and students.
Over an entire day, the event held a lot of art, music and sport sessions, inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Amr Galal El Adawi, President of BAU who highlighted the integrative role played by the recreational activities along with the academic process. Ms. Nadine Abla, Director of Student Activities Department also announced the opening of a new season full of varied activities.
During the day, an exhibition was held focusing on the university centers, teams, and the clubs related to the Student Activities Department. Also basketball and football matches took place between two teams, one of which consisted of instructors from different faculties, and the other from students. Moreover, many selected sport activities and matches were organized among the faculties in which the Law Faculty team won.
This year’s ceremony featured a strong competition between instructors and students reaching its peak in the Faculties Duets section where mutual singing took place between instructors and students. Each faculty was represented by an instructor and a student who shared the same song. Dr Laila Abboud, an academic staff member at the Faculty of Business Administration, got the first place according to voting which was run through the Student Activities page on Facebook. The music club presented a versatile set of songs in addition to folk and modern dances derived from folk and modern dance clubs. The students shared interactively all the day watching and cheering their colleagues. The day concluded by distributing prizes on the winners.