The “BAU lifestyle” was held on the 21st of March 2012. The exhibition was helpful for students who needed a fresh outlook on life. It gave them the utmost beneficial tips to lead them on the right track.

The exhibition succeeded in accomplishing its primary mission, which was introducing students to the latest fashion trends, hairstyles and secret beauty tips. It also included healthy and fitness tips and their products.

“Together for Natural Beauty” was the title of the awakening campaign that was proudly hosted by the BAU team. Hala ajam, Fady Kataya and Bassam fattouh , Lebanon’s best makeup artists, were introduced in this exhibition.

Our icons for the exhibition were as follows:

• Our Beauty Icon represented by Miss Lebanon 2010 ‘Rahaf Abdullah’

• Our Fitness Icon Star Academy & Celebrity Duets ‘George Assaf’

• Our Media Icon Personal Branding Coach & Certified Image Consultant ‘Milad Hadchiti’

An atmosphere of fashion, hair styling, healthy diets and skin care surrounded the students on that day. The goal of the event was to introduce the students with the latest ways of putting on high quality makeup and cosmetics with the lowest prices possible. Experts and specialists shared their hair styling and skin care secrets with the students. They also encouraged them to dress restfully and eat healthy foods and snacks.

Students explored the sections where experts and specialists gladly answered all their questions. Beauty experts, Hala Ajam and Fady Kataya advised the students to slove their beauty problems away from plastic surgeries that may alter their appearance for the worse. They stated that it would be the beginning of an infinite beauty cycle. In addition to that, they gave them tips on how to have the optimal usage of make-up products and cosmetics, but also warned about the exaggeration in putting on too much makeup and resorting to non-specialists for help.

In his turn, the sports coach George Assaf praised the beauty of the Lebanese females while pointing out that modern life begins with quitting smoking and playing sports. Milad Hadshiti, our media figure, also added his point of view based on the creation of personal traits and the way of expressing oneself in a unique way. Moreover, former Miss Lebanon, Rahaf Al Abdallah, invited and encouraged all people to be a part of this campaign that drastically calls for changing the fake and image of the Lebanese women.

At last, the event included performances by the students who won the modern hair styling competition.