Within the Student Activities Department plan for the academic year 2014-15 in Beirut Campus, and according to the training needs in the arts activities (acting, singing, folk dance, modern dance), Tarek Abou Jaoude, the number one composer and producer for the last ten years, was welcomed to support the Music Club on Tuesday 28/10/2014 in Ali Rashed Hall. For an hour and a half, the music club students and the new members shared Mr. Abu Jaoude in a seminar on the role of music in culturally guiding young people in addition to his life-learned experiences and lessons. Director Nasser Fakih and Producer Tarek Karam attended the seminar as well. Students posed various questions, and Ms. Nadine Abla, Director of Student Activities Department, presented Mr. Abou Jaoude a shield of appreciation for his participation in the presence of the club trainer Suha Karaki Ghazal and drama supervisor Wissam Sabbagh.